Origin:  Fullerton, CA

Genre:  Post-Punk-Alternative-Rock

Years Active:  2017 - Present​


Band Members

David Miehls - Vocals (Ian Astbury)

Todd Collin - Lead Guitar (Billy Duffy)

Greg Vander Kooy - Bass

Jay Alan Ash - Rhythm Guitar

Ron Sissons - Drums


Bad Fun Productions


Short Bio


The members of OCCULT recreate with great detail and energy, the experience of being at a live show of THE CULT. The vocals with Ian Astbury's signature iconic voice, black mane, and hypnotic stage presence compliments the guitar playing of Billy Duffy and the white Falcon signature sound that is THE CULT.  The musicians in OC CULT exemplify entertainment and EVERY performance is aimed at engaging and delighting the audience.  OC CULT has performed at numerous venues throughout Southern California and is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the tribute band arena. 



"Enjoyed their show at the Boiler Room in Temecula. Great tribute to the Cult!" - FB Review


"Great Job Gentleman!!" - Top Rock Entertainment

"Omg I love his voice , this band rocks!!!!!" FB Review

"Rock On" - San Manuel Casino

eat job gentleman!!

"One of, if not the best simulation of another singers voice I've heard. OCCULT brings the goods!" FB Review

"Awesome!! You guys Rock!!!" - FB Review

"These Guys F**kin Rock...🤘🤘" - FB Review

Song List